Eat, Sleep, and Flourish as a Human

First, let’s talk about what Healthy Transformation Nation is not:

  • This is not a source of medical advice.
  • There are no treatments, cures, or remedies here.

We believe that in order to achieve true wellness, we must first eat well, care for ourselves, and pay attention to our body's signals.  This is not a medical practice.  You may encounter some statements for which we haven’t sought approval by physicians or by the Food and Drug Administration.  Any medical information provided is to be considered incidental reference, and strictly intended only to demonstrate the integrative views of healthcare and selfcare.  Any references to actual medical treatment and therapies are only for the purpose of providing example and should not be considered advice of any kind.

If you have any kind of disease or underlying medical condition, of course, you’ll want to follow your doctor’s instructions, and carefully consider any treatment for yourself.  But, let’s back up for a moment.  First of all, why not go into it with an open mind and a positive attitude?  While your doctor does their job with your treatment plan, let’s direct your focus to what you were designed by nature to do.  Your natural abilities are amazing.  Let’s not just be getting treated, but always be focused on getting well or being well.

We want you to look and feel wonderful, feel good about yourself, and know that you’re in charge of your own health and wellness.

A Word About Doctors

Doctors and trained medical professionals are performing great things for people by helping them control disease, heal injury and sickness every day.  Sometimes it seems like miracles are happening.  We remain in gratitude for the many selfless individuals, their commitments to healing and what they went to school to learn, in some cases, for many years.  But, the job of the medical professionals is only part of the plan.  Being seen and treated by them is only part of your journey.

Tap Into Your Natural Wellness Abilities

A very simple approach:  That’s right, find a good doctor who you trust, and leave the disease control to the doctor.  Follow your doctor’s advice, and then do your part in keeping well and healthy...and your part is much easier than you may think.

Your part is to eat, sleep, grow and flourish as a human.  You don’t need years of training.  It will come naturally, if you let it.

It's your part of the of the journey that Healthy Transformation Nation is all about.  The things that we all need to know to be at our personal best.  We’re not always healthy, sometimes there are viruses, health conditions and disease.  But, you owe it to yourself to give your body and your mind the best chance at not only surviving, but to thrive!